Monday, 21 February 2011

Mr Holtz

I am sorry these images are from my iphone but you can see roughly what i have done here. It doesn't look as patchy in real life i promise.
I had such a great morning on the workshop at Art from the Heart with Dyan and Tim. We were able to see and use some of his new CHA stuff and got to keep loads of freebies from Ranger.
This is my book so far. It is made from Art Parts by Wendy Vecchi covered with Tim's new Kraft resist papers which i fell in love with. It comes in Manila colour  with an embossed pattern on ready to be inked. I used brushed corduroy and crushed olive as they were in my pack but we could use and share any. And Tim's ring binders, Claudine's sticky canvas which was inked as we wanted, grunge hinges inked but lightly with black Adirondack dabber, imitation letterpress blocks made from grunge letters and new grunge blocks. The other wording is from his new idea ology range and we were given a sheet of this too, they are self adhesive black plastic letters and numbers in varying fonts and sizes.The charms and baubles and facet were attached to his clips with jump rings. So my outside is very nearly finished .
Inside there are tabs to be finished and inked , there are envelopes to be finished. We were given some new Glassine paper to crease and crinkle which can be inked but i loved it how it was it felt like fabric almost, we had a bag of idea ology treasures to do with what we wished. It was so much to finish in the 4 hours and to be honest i finished some of my cover at home but he gave me some ideas, lots of product to try and keep, he was very sharing with his knowledge and we each got a lovely commemorative ticket from Dyan which she obviously doodled on and defaced in a way only she can. It was a great day.
I bought a few bits as it would be rude not to have done so it will keep me busy for a while. More pics will follow as i managed to get through it.

And he posed for a pic with me, i wonder if all Americans have lovely teeth cos they seem to.
Thankq for looking


  1. love your creation!!!! and I am so envious you got to meet Tim Holtz!!!! Hugs Juls

  2. Wow, your book looks so great - I'm so envious! I called in after work and it all looked fab. And you are right about the teeth - I think Tim's teeth probably glow in the dark :-)

  3. I was there too - I wish I'd known who you were - we could have had our piccie taken together!